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Canopy Marketplace

"Canopy Cloud Marketplace was a B2B platform where companies can buy cloud product and configure as per their requirements"

The Introduction

Canopy Marketplace goals

Canopy Marketplace had two major aspects one is where buy the cloud product and one where you monitor or configure as per your requirement.


Deploy, control and manage application landscapes in the cloud.

Market Segment

Market Segment: (Cloud Department of any business)

  • Platform User: Customer developers

  • Content User: Customer developer who will be consuming node-level information.

  • Business User:  Managers, Auditor.

General expected persona task

​Application management, Usage management, User management,  RBAC

  • Create & Deploy: Create Application

  • Monitor: Application, Usage

Technical Aspect

HTML 5, Bootstrap, CSS 3.

Responsive Approach


Desktop view – 95% user

Mobile View – 5% user (Only for monitoring purpose)

Usage Pattern

Other Details

Desktop view – 95% user

Mobile View – 5% user (Only for monitoring purpose)

Marketing Branding goals​

  • May also follow Atos/Canopy branding.


  • Language (English + German (1st), French, Spanish, Portuguese)

  • Dates – as per above

  • Number formats – as per above

  • Currency (£, US$, €)


Should pass (W3C Internationalization at least 2.0)

Canopy Marketplace - Wireframes

Canopy Marketplace - Screenshots



Developer- Platform User

"I manage VM instance deployments, I use my expertise to provide a best VM configuration "


Developer - Content User

"I manage the nodes configuration of the VM instance, my main goal is ot manage nodes and help to provide best nodes configuration "


Operation / Resource Manager

"I help organisation to manage subscription limits and workspace quota level"

User roles

Canopy Dashboard

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